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Bora Classes - Director’s Message

Mr. Kiran Bora

Bora Classes - Director’s Message

Mr. Mangesh Bora


Greetings from Boraclasses

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Boraclasses,

Greetings from BORAS. For the last 36 years, Bora Classes has been the epitome of success setting new benchmarks with each passing year in school academics. Thousands of students have been a witness to this highly faddish and regarded Learn in Bora’s Style… concept, which gave them a potent pedestal to be at the top of the ladder in their respective fields. Our expertise comes with gruelling years of betterment, high impact methodology, intense hard work & commitment. The best academic support and personal attention that we provide to the students, helps them meet their career goals and objectives. The core values of Determination, HARD WORK, Holistic Learning, Social Ethics, and concern for society & environment are all closely interwoven into the fibre of our academic programs.

Our highly qualified and most experienced faculties are dedicated and committed to student’s complete success and provide assistive surroundings to contribute to a student’s academics and all-round development. Without prejudices on merit, each student is given equal importance & opportunity to learn and practice. “LOW AIM IS A CRIME” is minted in our students psyche, providing them a precise competitive spirit. The cohesive atmosphere of disciplined learning with fun, regular test series, well researched notes, prizes to motivate students, state of the art classrooms equipped with best technological aid, spacious parking facility and very secure surrounding for students are the factors which distinguishes us from the rest.

Equipped with the best technological aid, outstanding faculty, and the best practices implemented, our students have experienced approximately 20-25% hike in their academic scores. Out of their sheer practiced diligence at BORA CLASSES, they emerge with the required confidence & self-belief giving them the ability to lead the life much like the institute itself.

As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child; the talent and the energy which our students possess need to be nurtured, shaped and channelled in the right direction. Our many years of experience has rendered us the knack of understanding a parent’s concern and objectives related to their ward. We look forward to working with your utmost cooperation for making sure that they are given the true knowledge to overcome the challenges they will face in their future years. We welcome you aboard and wish you an significant enriching experience with us.

Why Student/parents believe:

Better Concepts, Better Future, we delivered basic fundamental based education.

Student's best results motivate our entire team to continue the tradition of providing the perfect environment to students to excel through our quality curriculum, infrastructure and professors. Congratulations to all Boraclasses students, professors and staff on this glorious recognition.

With BEST WISHES for all your academic endeavors, I remain,

Yours sincerely

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Our highly qualified and most experienced faculties are dedicated and committed to student's complete success and provide assistive surroundings to contribute to a student's academics and all-round development.

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