We are committed to provide quality education as there is no alternative to the best. We have IIT, NIT alumnae and qualified faculty (PhD). Under the guidance of IIT, NIT alumnae all faculties are groomed in teaching students excellently.

Yes, our institute is backed by an academician. It is not being run by businessmen. Our interest is to produce the best results for which we are known since 2015 at OUR so we do take personal care.

Limited batches with a strength of 10-15 students which gives a feeling of competition and enables individual attention too.

Yes, Separate doubt sessions are arranged at regular intervals. Also, after taking due appointment the Student/parents can come & meet the teachers.

A professional Coaching Institute will offer you an exhaustive and in-depth coverage of syllabus along with complete study material, testing & evaluation system, competitive environment etc. A private tuition will only provide you with spoon fed learning.

Yes, it’s definitely possible to manage School & Competitive exams preparation together. It will involve hard work, consistency and discipline but it will pay you highly in the long run.

Yes, Private tuitions can help you score better at your school level but need to buy Test Series from Coaching Institute and for competitive exams preparation; you need to incorporate more of self-study after learning the concepts under a systematic, scientific and professional institute.

Online classes are similar to normal classroom coaching: Taking an online class from our platform is much simple. Whenever the class starts, your computer/laptop and Mobile screen becomes a blackboard and on the right side you can see the video of the teacher. The video of the teacher can also be turned off to save internet data. Even if the video is turned off, you will continue to interact with teacher via voice and other means. The environment is just like a normal classroom.

There is two way interactions between teacher and student: In addition to two way voice communication, there is a chat box where you can enter your doubt or query and the teacher will respond accordingly. You can upload the image or word file or pdf document of your doubt in the class room. You can also write on the board. You can use the pointer. Once the student takes writing pen control from teacher and can ask his/her doubt by writing. You can even communicate your doubt or query by simply typing or drawing in the classroom during the class.

Online coaching is not expensive: The fee will be always lesser than offline coaching.
Saves Travelling Time: There is no need to travel for hours when you can have the option of getting quality teaching at your place only. No need to shift to a major city or put your kid in a hostel alone. Our virtual classroom platform does the task of connecting a student with the best teacher right from your home.
Access Quality Teachers anywhere: There is no chance of missing the classes even If you are out of station. Have your laptop with you and take classes from anywhere you want.
No worry for child safety & security: Especially for girl child the safety issues are a more a problem.

Batch strength are 15-20 students, which give a feeling of competition and enables individual attention too.