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Best CBSE Coaching Classes In Pune

SSC std 9th

The Student can take the admission for Board Coaching exams or Test Series.
a) BOARD COACHING [Lectures & Test Series]
b) TEST SERIES: [Online & Offline]
SUMMARY: Program designed for Board exams.
• All Test to be conducted on Sundays.
• No Summer Vacation.
• Subjects [Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English]

Aid your self studies with the BEST STD9 SSC COACHING CLASSES IN Pune - BORA COACHING CLASSES.It’s a one stop station of an experience of ____ years for all your answers of how to score your targeted percentage. BORA COACHING CLASSES serves TOP STD 9 CBSE COACHING services in two branches - KALYANI NAGAR AND SOMNATH NAGAR. Their Ace founders - MR.KIRAN BORA and Mr.MANGESH BORA have managed to consistently be at the TOP of the game by not slipping down in their QUALITY OF DELIVERY for 43 long years. These two pillars along with their management have pulled the wheels of the classes to year on year behold a capacity of 60k + students. The expertise that Mr. Kiran Bora practices to effortlessly deliver the most challenged subject -MATHS is unbeatable. They say that the institute has seen generations of a family learning and experiencing his teaching with the same vigour. The legacy has gracefully been passed onto Mr.Mangesh Bora who again has his own exclusivity for SCIENCE.The RESULTS they deliver are just magical numbers to make them an unavoidable choice of both the parent and child.

Why choose BORA CLASSES for STD9 CBSE?
What is the Quality of teaching in BORA CLASSES STD9 CBSE?
Faculty of STD 9 CBSE in BORA CLASSES?
The belief of Std 9 being difficult than Std 10 is busted with their easy solutions given by BORA CLASSES. STD9 chapters lays the foundation of STD10 which are cracked well
The shivers of students for all the challenging chapters of below reference are well taken care of under the supreme guidance of the pioneers themselves.For concepts with better understanding then BORA CLASSES is the BEST 9th CBSE COACHING CLASSES in PUNE providing you all the study material at your finger tips. Their unique way of teaching popularly known as the BORA’S STYLE curated for their students makes it the BEST WAY OF TEACHING STD 9CBSE SYLLABUS. The Staff is a cluster of inimitables in their respective subjects constituting to be the BEST STAFF of PUNE for STD 9 CBSE

The multiple resources they possess for a student to have access to all the varied and vast study material is sufficient enough to cater to their huge student stack. The lavish Infrastructure they behold is a cherry on the cake which definitely qualifies it to be the BEST STD 9 CBSE COACHING INSTITUTE IN PUNE. It has an unmatched equipped infra to retain their students with all the hygiene, spacious breath, timely refreshments etc. An easy commutable location makes it hassle free for parents to worry about their ward’s safety.Free parking for personal commutation is also an add on. Flexible timings for suitable batches are allocated to fit in.
When all others were shaking during pandemic BORA CLASSES stood rock steady with quick fixes with all the online setup with no delay. The platform, syllabus delivery, online teaching system did not break the continuity of the learning process of our kids. Online lectures with supreme quality were delivered with the same strength going strong.

This is just not merely a COACHING CLASS where only teaching is done to serve their duty, but its a hub of solving every problem of the student striving to achieve its target and beyond. The inhouse long hours of supervised extra studies practice is the only key to success which has been mastered well by the management. Syllabus completion way before time and repetitive TEST SERIES all round the year enhancing the child’s capability beyond its capacity to deliver in the exam is their forte. DIGITAL INTERACTIVE BOARD makes it extremely easy for the child to understand all concepts, diagrams, graphs live. A systematically designed timetable disciplines the flow of the entire year to propel the agenda of extra studies. One on one attention to clear student doubt, resolve the concepts, attendance check is the backbone of maintaining the student’s consistent performance.

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Faculty Members

Kiran Bora Sir

Maths (39 Years)

Mangesh Bora Sir

Science (12 Years)

Ashwini Ruia Madam

Hindi (16 Years)

Merline Alvares Madam

English (22 years)

Swati Kulkarni Madam

Marathi (12 Years)

Lecture Flow

Session No of Hours Portion Completed
5th June to 31st Oct 1.15 Hours Daily Terminal Portion and Revision
10th Nov to Year end 1.15 Hours Daily Final Exam Portion and Revision

Test Series Planner

Weekly Tests Chapter Wise Marks
Weekly Test Chapter wise [2 test per week] 10 Marks Each
Pre - Terminal Terminal Syllabus Board Pattern
Pre - Finals Final Exam Syllabus Board Pattern

Batches Timings

Branch Timing
7.00 -8.30 Pm
Somnath Nagar 6.15 -7.30 Am
Somnath Nagar 3.00 -4.15 Pm
Somnath Nagar 7.15 -8.30 Pm